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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Linking Babe "Nice On Girls. - Fashion Stylish Blogger"

Blogshop name: nice on girls

Email address:

Goodies in dat ladies's shopping bag: Mixed Goodies 004

New Linking Babe "Trades - Im Pre-Loved Blogger"

Owner saids:-

Trades is not only my own pre-loved blogshop. But I'm sharing it with everyone else. So you can be sure there's pre-loved clothes from anywhere! Some branded, some well known brand, some bought online. Trades offer a place for online shoppers to resell their pre-loved clothes which they bought might not suit their liking, might not fit, just wear once and no more, and many many more reasons. Many are brand new and never worn before too.

Come visit us and view them all. Many are good bargains. Feel free to review us :) Do check us out often to help keep you update on new pre-loves coming in, cause even I might not know as well till I pop into Trades. Surprises anytime :)

Blogshop URL:
Blogshop name: Trades
Email address:
Goodies in dat ladies's shopping bag: Pre-Loved

I'm back !!

Hola all babes, Finally I'm back !! I'm begging to give sometimes to do the updates & linking ~ Have a nice weekend

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