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Saturday, October 31, 2009

31.10.2009 Impulse Grabber

High Fashion Cutz

RM 45.00

Impulse Grabber

The Little Surpise No.14 - Dr. Pizzicato @ 31 Oct

The 14th little suprise - Advertorial of Dr. Pizzicato

Image Hosted by

Heya ladies! I'm Abby, as most people on the blogosphere recognize me as.;)
I started this blogshop in January this year.
Yes, the blog is not even a year old! =)
(but the blog will be celebrating its 1st birthday soon.Watch out for awesome promotions from us yea!)
Reason why i started this blogshop is simply because i love shopping,
fashion and dressing up.
Hence, setting up a blogshop of my own is only the next natural thing to do. hehe.
And i enjoy sharing fashionable items with people who share the same passion as i have.

That's why i always choose my stocks carefully to ensure that only the best and most current trends enter the 'updates' section =)
Well, most of the customers have been very supportive so far.
And there are many who have even became friends with me as well as loyal returning customers.=)
But of course, there are also some rotten apples who give online shopping a bad name.
These are the ones who back out or go MIA after the items have been reserved/confirmed for them.
I believe many blog shop owners can identify with me on this point and are in the same shoes.

Available & Restockable !

Sales ! Sales ! Sales !


30.10.2009 clumsybroccoli

Sexy Corset Top RM 29.00
Exclusively Vintage RM 38.00


Friday, October 30, 2009

30.10.2009 Fame Of Cotton

They have new opening sales !
Price slashed 30% !
Last day 31.10 !!
RM 38.00
RM 59.00
RM 42.00
(Price before discount)

The Little Surpise No.13 - The Lollipop House @ 30 Oct

The 13th little suprise - Advertorial of The Lollipop House

I had horrible experience going shopping in malls, especially during the weekends.
Traffic was always horrible, weather sometimes caused a problem, the shopping crowd also drives me nuts.
I bumped into an online blogshop one day
hen I was google-ing and the online shopping started that way,
and I thought of giving it a try too.
The trial run started in early May 09,
where I tried my hand on selling apparels online by getting supplies from local supplier.
People think it is easy to do this, so did I, but actually it involves a lot of work.
From sourcing, buying (select and carry the goods back, phew~~),
product photo shoots, photo editing, costing & pricing, posting,
checking mail, update status, follow up on orders, running to the Post Office etc….

I believe some of the blogshop owners go even further than this.
In the end, the owners just want to make their customers happy with the items
they bought and blog browsers have great time browsing the posts
before finally decide to have a go with their first online purchase.
The trial run was ok, as I am working and doing it on a part time basis.

Participating bazaar had been a wonderful experience too.
I was so amaze with the efforts put in by all the stall owners (all blogshop owners),
and they are still in college studying.
The Lollipop House started officially in September 09,
launching offline @ Pick & Grab Bazaar in Hartamas.
It was a success and I am still planning on how to make it better.

Well, online or offline, customers must always be fair too,
even though we all want to believe that customers are always right
(but in fact they aren’t, as I myself, and you, is a customer to someone else).
Agreed with all other blogshop owners, back-out buyer is a big turn-off.
But it’s no big deal, as we still follow our blog’s T & C,
i.e items will be released after x days reservation.
Good experience, very friendly and chatty customers.
They will tell me what they like or dislike,
and I will work around that when filling my orders.

My merchandise?
They are all imported. I wish I have a talent of doing hand-made stuff : (
They are not one of a kind, to be honest, but they are definitely very competitively-priced.
All merchandise are ready-stocks because I believe when people buy online,
they have to wait for their items to be delivered, hence,
why would I want them to wait for 2 weeks to a month to get the item that they fall in love at first sight : )

Promotions will not be in discount format. I would call that “Purchase-with-Purchase”,
i.e. if you buy an item, you can get the other at a lower price.
Also, do take note that The Lollipop House provides FREE Postage to any address within Malaysia.

Why FREE Postage?
No hidden cost. Easy for customers.
Form of postage will either be PosEkspres (small item),
Registered Mail (Bulky Items) and maybe Poslaju (as an extra service for repeat customers)
Well, I guess that is all for now.
Cheers and enjoy shopping online without going through any physical or mental stress : )

Chris with Love

Awesome stuffs, right?

For more?


The Lollipop House

29.10.2009 Dr.Pizzicato

She said the big mad sales is ON now !
She said no more out of budget coz
the price

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Little Suprise No.12 - Stitch @ 29 Oct

The 12th little suprise - Advertorial of Stitch

I would like you to write up for my preorder blog instead-STITCH Preorder


which is a sister site of STITCH


This preorder blog of was started since july09.

We offer pre order clothes(starts from RM20) that is imported from Taiwan,China and Korea.
At STITCH Preorder, we offer customers lots of variety clothing- From leather jackets to boyfriend blazers, winter coats to long knitted cardigans,
Maxi dresses to lace dresses, Chiffon tops to oversize tees and some of it are ready stock clothes :)
Besides that, we've also brought in preorder shoes!! :)

For our promotion:
We offer both normal price and wholesale price:
We provide wholesale price for buyers who purchase any5 items and above
15 items and above, additional of 3% discount will be given
The more you buy, the more discount you will get :)
Note: Wholesales price is only valid for clothes

All below items are pre-ordering !


Top Blogshop Winners - November 2009

1st - blackmilkproject
2nd - Catfights & Limelights
3rd - The Posh Closet
4th - Sui Cha Boh
5th - The Manni-Queen