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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Little Surpise No.14 - Dr. Pizzicato @ 31 Oct

The 14th little suprise - Advertorial of Dr. Pizzicato

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Heya ladies! I'm Abby, as most people on the blogosphere recognize me as.;)
I started this blogshop in January this year.
Yes, the blog is not even a year old! =)
(but the blog will be celebrating its 1st birthday soon.Watch out for awesome promotions from us yea!)
Reason why i started this blogshop is simply because i love shopping,
fashion and dressing up.
Hence, setting up a blogshop of my own is only the next natural thing to do. hehe.
And i enjoy sharing fashionable items with people who share the same passion as i have.

That's why i always choose my stocks carefully to ensure that only the best and most current trends enter the 'updates' section =)
Well, most of the customers have been very supportive so far.
And there are many who have even became friends with me as well as loyal returning customers.=)
But of course, there are also some rotten apples who give online shopping a bad name.
These are the ones who back out or go MIA after the items have been reserved/confirmed for them.
I believe many blog shop owners can identify with me on this point and are in the same shoes.

Available & Restockable !

Sales ! Sales ! Sales !



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