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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Little Suprise No.3 - Little McQueen aka A Side Project @ 20 Oct

The 3rd little suprise - Advertorial of Little McQueen aka A Side Project

Both sisters are kind, they willy to combine the advertorial togather to give a chance to another blogshop to enjoy the suprise too

Thx a lots >o<

Little McQueen
"Little McQueen defines herself as a 'Queen of Class'.
C'mon over as we've got the Hot Selling Skinny Jeans, Blazers, Christian Dior Heels, Bandage Mini Skirt, Studded Clinchers, Long Cardigans, Alexander McQueen Scarf, Dutch-Boy Cap, Oxford Heels, Cotton Leggings, High Waist Skirts/Shorts, Dual-Toned Dress and the list goes on. It's affordable and you'll have a great shopping experience with us. ;)"

Major on shoes, heels and dresses !

My own opinion:
A blogshop that you must not miss, why do I said so ?
Click here Little McQueen to find out !
You'll loves them !
Cause I do loves them 2 !

A Side Project
"C'mon over to A Side Project for our hot selling Anna Sui Nail Polish(Not to be missed!)
Want to get rid of your eye bags?
Want to get rid of Blackheads? Minimise those pores? Slim down?
Click us for the beauty products awaiting for you over here. ;)"

Major on mask and nail polish

My own opinion:
Why they said they not just another blogshop?
They are A Side Project
What project they are going to handle ?
find it out yourself

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