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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Little Suprise No.5 - LuvMyDresses @ 22 Oct

The 5th little suprise - Advertorial of LuvMyDresses

The owner:

Beginning 2008, I get to know about online blog shopping, and yes, i shopped like mad coz there were so many choices.
Overwhelmed. I started to think, what if I start my own blog? Would anyone buy from me? A lot of questions went thru my mind.
Eventually in Nov, I took the first step by creating the blog name, and then the email. It's not difficult to guess why LuvMyDresses.
Well, who doesn't?? And I want it to be a name that is easily remembered and said.
My beloved hubby, who helped in designing the headers, has been supporting me without fail.
When I first launched the blog (well, not a grand launching, but haha, I'm a first timer, gimme a chance)

my friends were my first batch of customers and they helped to spread the words.
I started slow, then added more items, more varieties to offer. I used to get my stocks from pre-order but the quality of some of the items dissapoints me, and no way I'm selling those to my customers. After 2 months, I stopped taking pre-order stocks. I started to scout around and hand pick each items myself, locally and overseas. This way, I will know for sure if the items I'm selling is in good condition/ quality or not, what exactly the cutting is, and the materials. Throughout this process, I've learned a lot, and looking forward for more fun stuff!

My own opinion:
Wo ladies, they are hand-pick the items by themselve !
They serve you the best !

The owner:
Very delighted to get thank you emails and customers telling me how much they liked the dress/ top they bought.
Honestly is the best policy.
Therefore, I always make sure my customers are fully aware of what they're buying and what to expect.
I believed this is one of the major value that customers sees in us (as a seller).
Some became my friends too. Isn't this great?
Well, when it comes to bad experiences, I guess no one can avoid customers who backed out last minute and went missing in action.
I had those many times. Some even made me keep the item for them for weeks.
But it's OK, just need to be patient sometimes. Have to set the rules now. haha

My own opinion:
Sometimes the backed out order really annoying the seller.

She asked U to love to her dresses !
Dont U take a try ?


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