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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Little Suprise No.9 - lux-darling @ 26 Oct

The 9th little suprise - Advertorial of lux-darling

Her's mails make my day !
Hence she's fully supported me !
Cheerio babe !

The owner:
At first, we never really planned to open up a blogshop.
We started out just trying to clear out some of our clothes that we never got to wearing.
Then, the next step was that we started to fall in love with online shopping,
and one thing led to another and things just took off from there.
We realize that our blogshop is extremely tiny,
and relatively unknown and insignificant compared to our fellow respected blogshops out there.

And the truth is, we hardly update for the sake of updating.
We only update when we want to, when we feel that we have something special and unique to share with you.
We have had many, many wonderful experiences with customers,
and we honestly appreciate the wonderful things that our customers have to say about our stuff and services!
And we are seriously thankful for all the support of our regular buyers,
and at the end of the day,
when a customer tells us how much she loves the things that she's bought, it just makes our day!

~* Japanese Style Student Bag ( Pre Order ) *~

They're going to start pre-orders for this Japanese style Student Bag.
The brand is called Candy Sugar, and it's not an authentic one from Japan,
but it is an inspired mirror, and made of excellent quality PU.
The bags will be priced at RM88 each, inclusive of shipping.
Pre-orders for this bag will close once a minimum of 10 orders are met.

Simple & Casual Bag
Don't U wish to own 1?
I do wish !
Let's place the order now (=

There is a promotion here for celebration new launched of Semplicemente.amore !
Semplicemente.amore's reader automatically be entitled to enjoy free postage for anyone of your purchases
not including of sales items.
With key word of "I want More Amore" in the title of emails when your place your orders to them.

For more items



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