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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24.11.2009 Four Leaf Closet


The Maxi Dress Day
RM 52.00 (S-L)
RM 54.00 (XL)

Smart Blazer
RM 42.00

The Xmas Contest !

Four Leaf Closet will be having their very first contest to reward all shoppers out there! This contest are held in conjunction of the Christmas promo, it's never too early isn't it? There are gonna be 8 winners, 8 prizes and it's extremely easy! All you have to do is answer 8 simple questions as below and the one with the most rights will win a *RM 8 voucher to shop in Four Leaf Closet just like that! (the questions are easy-peasy :P)

1) What is our blog trade mark?
2) What month was this blog establish?
3) What clothes does Four Leaf Closet caters for?
4) What is Four Leaf Closet email address?
5) What is the name of this contest?
6) Where did we get the inspiration for our blog name?
7) What is the name of the owner of this blog? (first two name will do :D)
8) What do you like about Four Leaf Closet?

This contest starts from
27th November 2009 and ends on 5th December 2009 (8 days)

There will be a winner selected everyday. Yes, you got that right, one winner a day :)

Most of the answers can be found from the blog itself and in the case where there are more than one who got all the answers right, we will decide the winner from your answer for question no.8.

There is no need to purchase any items to be eligible to join this contest. Just answer those 8 simple questions. Easy, no?

Good news is, there is no limit for the numbers of times you can try. So try all you want!

Email your answers to

You might just get lucky :)

Four Leaf Closet


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