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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Little Suprise No.16 - Motte Closet @ 02 Nov

The 16th little suprise - Advertorial of Motte Closet

January '09, we started our blog shop, ‘The Chocolate Buttons’, as a fresh start.
TBC went on and was doing not bad.
In the process, we are too learning slowly and gaining more experience.
After four months, on April '09,
we decided it is time to take it all to the next level in expanding our little business making the best of it.
Expanding the blog to something more; something more elegant, classic and yet trendy.
This was when we changed ‘TBC’ to ‘MC’.
Customers tend to ask why we change blog’s name and theme.
Well, first of all, we would say it’s to improve on any flaws we’ve got previously and lastly,
like I said to take it all to the next level.

Our most memorable experience,
we would say was when we participate in the
Youthopia Bazaar which was held in Tropicana City Mall.
We both gained a lot of experience and additional knowledge from this,
and were both excited about it as it was our first time participating.
We learnt about customer’s needs and wants and taste,
as well as how to attract more customers.
Given the chance,
we will definitely participate in other bazaars in the future and give it a blast.
One more experience was when we first opened our blogshop.
We are pretty sure all blog shoppers had that experience.
The most satisfying and overwhelming feeling was when we got our first few customers.
We were smiling away looking at the monitor screen. Lol.

My own opinion:
Ladies, want to be sexy ?
They are your choice !

Motte Closet


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