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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Little Suprise No.17 - CheckerChex @ 03 Nov

The 17th little suprise - Advertorial of CheckerChex

CheckerChex is quite a new online blogshop.
This blogshop was established not long ago, July 2009, just approximately less than 4 months =).
There are two of us running this blogshop, Moon and I, Leeann.
Reason we started this blogshop is because we shopped online a lot.
We're good friends, uni mates, crazy people who's very up to fashion hence we thought of trying it out.
Besides that, getting extra side income is a good thing since I am not local here, am from Penang aha.
Our main aim is to sell our clothes at the most reasonable price as possible and guess that's how customers returned to our blog ever since. We believed that our clothes are all trendy and we believe in selling clothes that are quality assured.
We don't find it a very good point selling clothes that are not quality assured and only looked good through looking from pictures on our blog, it's like CONNING people. LOL!
During the very beginning when we started this blogshop, our customers were all close friends and relatives heheh.
Then, we tried making adverts and get reviewed by blogshop reviewers.
From there, we started to have different types of customers.
Hence, there are many many different types of customers out there.
We're lucky to have customers who made payment fast and do not complain much or bargain much.
In fact, we are glad that we have a lot of returning customers too.
They are nice enough to introduce their friends to shop with us aha.
One of the bad experiences that we had with our customers would be when they backed out for no reasons, and not answering calls =). However, this only happens once or twice for us.
Apart from that, customers tend to change the COD venue and time at the very last moment,
which we know we have to do something about.
We'll come out with a timetable soon babes hehehee. Apart from all that,
we're glad that we do not encounter any weird experiences with our customers except for one COD that we had to do in a Police Station, imagine that!! hehe..interesting eh,
polices get stuff for their gfs and wanted us to COD at the police station hehe.



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