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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Little Suprise No.21 - Sui Cha Boh @ 07 Nov

The 21st little suprise - Advertorial of Sui Cha Boh

May 18th 2009- That was wen SUI CHA BOH kickstarted.
Was one of my proudest moments of course.
hehe! Well a little introduction to the shop name Sui Cha Boh as many eye brow raised when they heard my blogshop name.
Basically in Hokkien ( chinese dialect ) it means, Sexy Babe/ Beautiful Gal.
And oh yes but of course i am a hokkien .. so no wonder lah this name was picked... hehe..

Mostly i will try to bring some stuffs from abroad like London / Australia or USA ..whenever posibble.
So Check us out and see what little suprises we might have for you from time to time!
Coming up soon we will bring you Fashion from Taiwan!
And of course another Pre Order from Supre ! woooo hoooo! RUBI shoes has been the RAGE in the online shopping world recently.. I am considering to bring some home.. should i ?
Well gimme some feedback peeps! Drop me a bomb ( email ) at suichaboh@gmail wokeyyyyyy!

I am A shopaholic~it cant be cured .. so i reckon, i need to find a way to earn more $$$ mooolah to SHOP SHOP SHOP so that i wont DROP!

As to date, my customers has been extremely pleasant & understanding. ( thank you all fer being so WONDERFUL ! )
Fingers crossed that the record remained unbroken.
Well i do believe that any misunderstanding can be solved by not losing one's coolness.

Babes, I'm sure U all will heart them !
Handpicked stuffs from Australia, US, London etc....
Reasonable price & good quality stuffs? What u're waiting for?
Let's go for shopping till U drop !
Psssttt...tell u a lil secret here, the owner Irene - just another friendly & nice person to talk to >o<
I'm sure that you'll happy to purchase with her !

Sui Cha Boh


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