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Thursday, December 17, 2009

16.12.2009 Operation : Black Beer

This time is not a project, guess what ?
The real operation are opening for HIM !

Operation : Black Beer !

Shirt, Trucker Cap, Vest
RM 45 - RM 69

operation job brief

//> in response of the many petitions from the civilians, the proposal of operation: black beer has finally been approved and implemented!

the operation officers
operation: black beer is governed by the very same blackmilk gurus from black milk project.

//> commandotom : much to his 'merry-the-kuli' role, his dedication to operation: black beer has won him the most sacrificial bush-fighter title for his atoning passion in bringing OBB the latest fashion style.

//> the craft commisioner : a (still) kookoo graphic designer whom (still) living in a dream of a good do-nothing life on the beach and sun-tan her bumbum.

//> babywink : she decided life at operation: black beer is too tough for her survive. so she'll just curl-up around back in black milk project.

why operation: black beer?
//> because we're cool like that. more than just another blogshop, it's a real-deal operation here. the ultimate creative playground with the latest style and most affordable prices!

so what's with operation: black beer?
//> we're male by birth and men by choice!

now get mobilized and dress it up!

4% drunk. 96% style
Operation: Black Beer Malaysia
Why Operation Black Beer?
'Cuz we're male by birth, but men by choice.

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