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Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Old Flame

A Style Shots brought to you by An Old Flame

If you've purchased something from them in the past, put it on - showcasing that An Old Flame item(s), style it up, and snap a picture of your stunning self, and email it to them! Or if you've worn it in the past and took pictures of it at a party, etc, send it to them as well ;)

Enough of their models' faces! They want to see the average girl looking extraordinary with An Old Flame :)

The best, prettiest, most stylish ones selected will be posted up on their brand new website !! 20% off their next purchase ;)

They need the picture(s) in high resolution. If you'd like to Photoshop it, go ahead! Or if you can't, they'll do it for you ;)

There is no limit in how many pics you'd like to send them. Send them all in to before 8th February 2010 (Monday) to be eligible for the discount!


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