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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Little Suprise No.1 - Impulse Grabber @ 18 Oct

The 1st little suprise - Advertorial of Impulse Grabber

Ally ~ She's friendly & nice to talk to (=

The owner - Ally :
Well basicaly, my main site has a combination of bits of everything from clothes to shoes to accessories to bags! Like said, it's my main and i put all efforts into it.. Most of the stuff i bring in a rarely seen in other blogshops as i try to bring in things that are fashionable but not mass duplicated all over. Also, i dont really charge a bomb like most sites do from what i see as i try to gain more loyal and returning customers rather than just new ones only.I've also ventured into pre orders which is a little different from others as the wait time for my items are not a month but rather, within the week itself from the closing date. ;)

My own opinion :
That's great, the pre-order it's just need to wait a week. I do purchased a dress once before, it took me 2 months. ><"
As she has no idea what to write, I have asked for her fews Q ex.: how & why do you started to have a blogshop?
Experience ?

The owner - Ally :
Experience with customers, some are really nice and fast with payments those kind, i really appriciate to bits and makes me love the world of e shopping even more. However, with the good comes the bad as some are really rotten :( Despite promising to pay and giving reasons behind the delays even after trusting them as they keep keeping in contact saying they want it. Im still foolish enough to keep the items reserved for them for MONTHS! and then they go MIA :( i dont get customers like these. sigh.My business has grown up quite a lot id say! lol. I started a few years back as an avid online shopper i was one of those early ones whod adore all the big time blogshops of that time. But eventually, id realize i aint as slim as those models and there'd be quite a number of clothes i bought but could never wear. Soon enough i opened a reselling blog of which i just sold of what i bought eventually i came to love selling as much as i did for shopping. Then the idea stroke and viola. my blogshop was born and ever since, i was hooked ;Di started small buy buying less in quantity with fears of not being able to sell and eventually with the help and support from the parents, brother, bf and a few close friends i eventually took a jump and risked it by spending loads on the stock intake and here i am (: hehehehehmm, im thinking babe it'll be easier if you've alerady got a set of questions for me and i can answer them like an interview cause i dont know what to tell you if you dont ask me XD im so uncreative. lol

~ E ~

I personally heart all these shoes ... (=

I would like to feature more items but unfortunately something goes wrong with blogspot, the image can't be upload....I hate this ><

Well, you may visit Impulse Grabber for more items (=

Happy Shopping !


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