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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Little Suprise No.2 - Dolce Bella @ 19 Oct

The 2nd little suprise - Advertorial of Dolce Bella

Jenny - a real funny gal >o<

The owner - Jenny:

I have just started my business since June of this year. So I'm currently selling some imported apparrels from taiwan and korea, and some of them that i get stocks from local supplier. Besides that, I'm also selling facial masks which are also imported from taiwan and hk. All of them are originals and they are actually recommended by a well-known taiwan show "Ladies First".
Sometimes customers will send me mails and saying that they are satisfied with the items, that's what really makes me feel good. If everything goes smoothly, maybe I'm going to open another store mainly selling accessories. :)

My own opinion:

Facial is my life >o<

The owner - Jenny:

As i said, when customers send me mails saying that they are satisfied with the items, i feel great.
If for bad experience, ppl always back out last minute. When they sent in mails, asking me to reserve the items for them, i did so. But at the end, they didn't make any payment and never replied my sms too :(
So now, i will usually tell them that's a first come first serve basis. If they nvr reply me within 2 days,

i will straight away sell the items to another buyer.
WHy cant they just reply me and at least tell me to cancel their orders? yisshhh....
:) Btw, how many products you can help me to promote? 10? 20? 30? haha.. jkjk...
That's all about my blogshop. Hope you can help me push my business ya~

Alll the best for you~

Futhermore, they have an attractive PROMOTION

2 PCS- RM 2 discount on each piece
3 PCS - RM 3 discount on each piece
4 PCS and above- RM 4 discount on each piece purchase
(Only applicable on apparrels)
(not applicable on Clearance stocks!!)
*T&C apply

Well, you may visit Dolce Bella for more items (=

Happy Shopping !


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