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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Little Suprise No.8 - a.cup.of.sugar @ 25 Oct

The 8th little suprise - Advertorial of a.cup.of.sugar

The owner:
a.cup.of.sugar started since December of 2008.
Well..I've been shopping since forever so why not try selling what I love to buy >>clothes. Basically, what you see in a.cup.of.sugar are pieces that are versatile..pieces that can be wear day or a party of just a casual day out. a.cup.of.sugar also focus more in selling pieces that has a nice cutting and suits you well. You might find some unique pieces which usually comes in one piece only as I hunt for pieces that stands out and yet fashionable. :)

Most customers are great...friendly and prompt in making payments. No complaints about my customers. They are the ones that keep a.cup.of.sugar alive rite? hehe

My own opinion:
As what their's blog name said
then u may find some sweet sweet & lovely dress in thiers store

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